1 - What to do in case of a configuration problem with Smart Life (doorbell hardware reset) ?

In case of a configuration problem with Smart Life, it may be necessary to reset the video doorbell :

Locate the reset button on the back of the video doorbell (PRSV01) or on the side (PRSV02). Remove it from the mounting base beforehand if necessary.

Press and hold the reset button for 5 seconds (approx.) until you hear a “beep“. Once the “beep” is heard, you can release the button.

The video doorbell will restart and will be operational again for the Smart Life configuration.

2 - How to perform a hardware reset of the doorbell if it is already installed in Smart Life App ?

Launch the Smart Life application, select the doorbell (by pressing and holding), then press Remove device (button located at the bottom of the screen). Then, physically reset the doorbell by pressing the reset button (see previous case 1) for 5 seconds (approx.) until you hear a beep and then release the button. The doorbell will restart and the bell button light will flash red slowly.

At this point, repeat the procedure for adding the doorbell in the Smart Life App.

3 - What to do if there is a problem with your video doorbell's Wifi connection (Offline status in the SmartLife App)?

First check that the doorbell is connected to a 2.4 GHz Wifi network, and that the Wifi signal broadcast by your Wifi router is strong enough.

It is necessary that the area where the doorbell is placed is properly covered by WiFi, often when the doorbell appears offline in the SmartLife App this corresponds to a WiFi signal too weak. Therefore, the addition of an additional powerful Wifi router to your Internet box may be necessary.

We therefore invite you to check the Wifi coverage at the place where the doorbell is fixed and take the necessary steps if the signal is too weak (addition of an additional Wifi router, Wifi repeater, etc.).

Broadcasting wifi signals varies according to the types of materials, partitions, etc … and evolves according to changes in the environment. If the doorbell is disconnected from the Wifi for different reasons (for example a reboot of an Internet box or Wifi router), it will take a few minutes to reconnect to the Wifi. It is not instantaneous as with a tablet or a Smartphone.

4 - What to do if there is a problem pairing the chime to the doorbell?

1 – Disconnect/reset the chime :

Disconnect the chime from the mains and press the volume button, then reconnect it while holding down the volume button. The chime will sound 2 times accompanied by 2 flashes of the blue indicator (light ring) and then the indicator will turn solid blue. When the blue light is steady, release the volume button. The blue light will go out and the chime will emit 2 short beeps. The chime is now disconnected from the doorbell and can be disconnected from the mains. Leave it unplugged for a few minutes.

PS: Before going on to step 2, make sure you have the doorbell nearby so that you can press the bell button to link the chime to the doorbell.

2 – Link the chime with the doorbell :

Plug the chime into the mains and the light will turn solid blue (for about 10 seconds, during which time you must press the bell button). Now press the chime button on the doorbell. The chime will beep, it is now associated with the doorbell.

Test by pressing the bell’s ring button again, the chime should sound.

PS: If you have exceeded the 10s and the indicator light is off, disconnect and reconnect the chime to the mains and the indicator light will turn fixed blue again for 10s.

5 - What to do if I have a problem picking up Smart Life notification calls when someone rings the doorbell?

For Smart Life call notifications to appear on your Smartphone, the App must be active on your Smartphone. The App can be open or running in the background (in which case only the App process is active on the smartphone).

With the security, lock and sleep mechanisms of smartphones, this can lead to problems with Smart Life calls being picked up. If you experience such problems, Tuya (publisher of the SmartLife software) recommends that you leave the SmartLife App open on your Smartphone.

6 - What should I do if I get the message "Wi-Fi name or password too long" on the Smart Life application?

Click on the “Got It” button and the doorbell configuration process will continue (you do not have to change your password or SSID).

7 - What to do if you have a problem with the Alexa smart speaker?

If your devices don’t show up directly in the Alexa app, run a search for new devices through the Alexa app. Alternatively, you can use the voice command and ask Alexa “Alexa, search for my devices“.

If the problem persists, you can also add a device manually :

  • Press the “+” at the top right of the Devices section
  • Select “add a device“.
  • Choose either “Tuya” (the Smart Life editor, this will be Tuya for your video doorbell) or the type of devices you have set up (if you are not sure, choose “other” at the bottom).
8 - How do I insert an SD card in the doorbell for storing multimedia files?

Turn off the doorbell by turning the On/Off switch to OFF.

Insert the SD card in the corresponding slot :

Modèle PRSV01 :

Remove the “cover” of the battery compartment, and insert the SD card in the slot between the 2 batteries.

Modèle PRSV02 :

Remove the mounting bracket “cover”, and insert the SD card into the slot on the side of the doorbell.

9 - What to do if there is a problem installing a firmware update?

When a firmware update is available for the video doorbell, a warning message will appear when you press the doorbell icon to display the camera video.

Then start the update by pressing the update button. The update screen will appear on the screen and a blue progress bar will gradually appear on the screen.

If the progress bar does not appear even after several minutes, then press the Cancel button.

Press the doorbell icon again, the update message will appear again.  Press the update button and the installation of the new firmware will start this time. The blue progress bar will appear.

PS: If after installing the update, the menus for the new features are not displayed correctly. Remove the doorbell from Smart Life, do a hardware reset and add the doorbell back into Smart Life (the procedure is explained in point 2 of the FAQ of this document).

10 - Contact our technical support team

If you need help, you can contact our technical support team by sending an email to : support@prosidium.com